Live British Online Casino

Do you miss the feel real live land based casinos give you but you are unable to travel to your desired land based casino? Do you still wish that you could play your favourite live table games from the comfort of your own home? Then do not fret as this UK Online Casino provides you with the answers to those very questions.

Among the most popular British Casino games are those found within the Live British Online Casino. These games include the British Online Casino Roulette, British Online Casino Blackjack and British Online Casino Baccarat. These games give players the ability to play their favourite games live with real live dealers and be able to view exactly the goings on that occur within a specific land based casino. This is even possible thanks to the collaboration that this British Casino has with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta. Although this land based casino is in Malta, British players may play the same games they offer with the same live dealers from the comfort of their own home. This may seem strange at first but the process is quite simple.

Every single one of the most popular live games may be played through this UK Online Casino as they provide a live broadcast of a live transmission taking place within the land based Portomaso Casino. The way it works is that there are cameras located above the tables of the British Online Casino Roulette, British Online Casino Blackjack and British Online Casino Baccarat. These cameras will be automatically switched on and off as soon as the tables open between the hours of 10:00 (CET) and 05:00 (CET). As soon as the dealer sits at the designated table the game begins. These cameras will then transmit the live feed connected with the British Casino and the transmission will set a live broadcast rolling. As this is a live broadcast it is done in real time and this may be proved from the television screen located next to the dealers broadcasting the popular CNN channel; this may be checked by the online player at any time. As this is done all in real time none of the games are pre recorded and therefore if a player misses on a game he / she may simply join the next game in line.

The way an online player on the other hand views this live transmission is simple and through a streaming process whereby the player would not need to download any of these live table games in order to play them. There are various table limits to select from each one of the above mentioned live table games depending on the minimum and maximum bets the online player wishes to place on the table. Once the selection is made and the player clicks on the table he / she want, the game will automatically open. The way the screen is set up is that three quarters of the actual screen will be taken up by an imitation of the actual table found within any land based casino; the set up is the same and this is where the player will place his / her bets. On the top right corner of the same screen a small window will automatically open together with the game which will show the camera broadcast of the dealer and the live table. The camera will automatically zoom in and out between the table where the cards are being dealt (and the Roulette tableau) and the cards themselves (or in the case of Roulette, the actual roulette wheel). Every half an hour or so the dealer will switch as per the regulations of the land based Portomaso Casino depending on how busy the actual casino is.

The great thing about playing these live British Casino Games online is that there is no limit to the number of players who may actually play the same game. This allows players to play the same game as many times they wish and for as long as they wish. Because there is no limit to the amount of players playing, it is impossible for the online British players to communicate with the dealers themselves and therefore there might be some changes in the way a game is played just like the British Online Casino Blackjack (more information on how this particular game is played may be found in a separate section of this website). Many players therefore will be playing online but each screen each individual player sees is a personal one where only his / her bets are shown and not the bets of other online players. However through the broadcast window, online players may also view land based players playing at the same table at the same time thus making the feel of a land based casino more real.

If a player is unsure of how these live table games works and / or if the British online player simply wants to check out the dealers dealing within the Portomaso Casino, he / she may do so thanks to the virtual practice version of these games. This means that a player may access the British Casino website and without logging in, can click on any of the live table games and begin playing for fun or simply observe the dealers. If a player wishes to play for fun, a substantial amount of free credit will be allocated to the game selected which the player may utilise at any time and for as long as he / she wishes as this amount may be refreshed if it runs out. As the camera feed works on a streaming process, and the player wishes to simply access the game to just observe the dealer, the system may automatically ask the player to refresh the game when it indicates a player not playing. This is not a problem as when the game is refreshed, it continues broadcasting according to which point the game is at the land based casino and not from the part when the feed stopped.