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Roulette is one of the most popular table games that players get to enjoy worldwide. Nowadays with the internet becoming as widely used as it is, online casinos have developed ways on how to play the best Roulette games online from the comfort of a player’s own home and this British Online Casino is no exception.

There may be plenty of reasons why British players are unable to attend their favourite land based casinos whether for physical or financial reasons. But this does not mean that players do not have the chance to still play Roulette. The Live British Online Casino featured in the UK Online Casino, provides various games which apart from Live Roulette, it also includes British Online Casino Blackjack which is another popular table game. However in this section of our website, we will be giving you as much information as possible on how the Roulette game is played online with this British Casino.

This all British Online Casino has two version of roulette available to its online British players. One is the virtual kind found in the British Casino Games (provided by Netent – an online entertainment production team that focuses on providing players with the best virtual games possible on the market) which is played with an automated dealer. The other is the live version played with live dealers from within a land based casino. In order to understand how this live version of Roulette is played, it is first important to understand how this version if brought to British players online. Thanks to the unique collaboration this British Online Casino has with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta British online players have the unique ability to play with live dealers from Malta without having to travel to Malta. The Portomaso Casino is a well established land based casino that has gained popularity with both locals and foreigners who travel purposely to Malta just to play at this casino. All dealers within this land based casino are highly trained professionals and, having been employed by the Portomaso Casino, deal games for land based players within the casino for which the online British players can join in at any time.

As the live version gives players the feel they would otherwise get from a land based casino, the dealers and actions are exactly the ones made in a land based casino. The way it works is that as soon as the Portomaso Casino opens its tables at 10:00 (CET) to the minute it closes its tables at 05:00 (CET), so do the live tables online. This means that that the minute the dealer takes his / her place at the table the games online begin. The way the online players get to play and view the goings on inside the land based Portomaso casino is as follows. Cameras located above the Roulette table transmit a live feed which is directly connected to this British Online Casino. This live broadcasted is then available to be streamed as soon as online players open up a game of Roulette. The live version of Roulette is available at different betting levels according to the maximum and minimum bets a player wishes to place on the table. As there is no limit to the number of online players who may play this live roulette, there is no way an online player would have to wait around for a place to open no matter how busy the land based casino may get (this is something that may cause a slight disappoint when visiting a land based casino on a busy night – but this will never happen online). However, although there is no limit to the number of online players who may play Roulette, each online player may only view his / her bets on the table and no other online player’s bets.

Once an online player has selected the table of Roulette he / she wishes to play then the games may begin. Thanks to the fact that none of the roulette games need to be downloaded in order to be played, everything is done through a streaming process. As soon as the game of Roulette chosen opens up, two screens will appear. Three quarters of the computer screen will be taken over by an imitation of the roulette tableau otherwise seen in a land based casino where the online player may place his / her bets. The set up is according to the European Roulette where the zero (0) is the colour green and the rest of the numbers are red and black according to the regulations of the game. Then, on the top right hand corner of the same screen a small window will automatically open up to show the dealer within the Portomaso Casino dealing to other player within the casino. The stream will be set off according to the time and what is happening within the casino so there may be a chance that when a player opens up the game, a game will already be in progress. This is so as the live broadcast is done in real time and there is no chance for an online player to rewind or pause the live feed. The camera will automatically zoom in and out between the table and the roulette wheel and this way a player will never miss out on what is happening.

The objective of the game is simple and the rules and regulations of the online version of roulette is the same as the land based version. A on online player will be given a designated amount of time to place a bet on the imitation tableau on his / her screen on the number he / she predicts the small ball in the spinning roulette wheel will fall on. These bets may be placed in various ways (an online player may see the variations of bets possible from the rules of the Roulette games itself from the British Casino website). Once the time has run out whether an online player has placed a bet or not, the live dealer will spin the white ball in the roulette wheel. The number the ball lands on is the winning number and if the online player has predicted correctly then he / she will receive the winnings according to the odds of the table.

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