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Being one of the oldest and most popular card games, Blackjack has not lost the interest of players no matter how much time passes. The game’s popularity has grown so much that even online casinos have been developing ways for players to be able to play Blackjack from the comfort of their own home (or any computer for that matter).

This British Online Casino has not only provided British players the ability to play Blackjack online, but it has also provided them with two distinct versions to win big with. These two versions are divided between the British Casino Games section and the Live British Online Casino section of the UK Online Casino website; the virtual version and the live version respectively. Both versions follow similar rules and regulations of a Blackjack game except that one is played with a virtual automated dealer and the other one is played with live dealers from within a land based casino; there is however a slight difference in the method in which they are played.

The objective of any Blackjack game is to place a bet on a designated area where hands will be dealt. The hands dealt must total to a total of 21 points or at least have a total of points higher than the ones in the dealer’s hand without exceeding the 21 points. The point system is simple and easy to understand. All picture cards which include the Queen, King and Jack and the number 10 card have a total of ten points each. The Ace card has a total of either eleven or one point depending on the points of the cards dealt before or after the Ace. The rest of the cards are calculated according to their face value; for example, a 9 card will have nine points, a 2 card will have two points, a 7 card will have seven points and so on and so forth.

Virtual Blackjack is provided by Netent (Net Entertainment) where this game has been produced to include the best of the best graphics, animation and music. The format and screen being viewed by online British players is based on a standard Blackjack game where the screen comprises of a Blackjack tableau with three designated areas. This game can be as slow or as fast paced as a player would like it to be as there is no allocated time given for an online player to place his / her bets. Therefore, whenever a player places a bet on one or all of the designated spaced provided, the player can click on ‘Deal’ and the automated dealer will automatically beginning dealing the cards. Then a player can select when to be dealt more cards or not being careful not to exceed the 21 points. If a hand a player bet on is a winning hand, then the player will win according to the rules of the game.
Now in both versions of Blackjack, there is no limit to the total number of players who can play the same online Blackjack game. Therefore this is what makes the live Blackjack game different.

For starters, thanks to the collaboration with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located in Malta, it allows online players to join in the Blackjack games being played within the Portomaso Casino. In order for this to be possible, cameras are placed on top of the Blackjack table within the land based casino. Therefore, from the minute the table opens at 10:00 (CET) until the moment the table closes at 05:00 (CET), the camera will keep transmitting a live feed connected to the British Online Casino. This live transmission is broadcasted live in real time; this means that none of the broadcast can be paused, rewound or fast forwarded at any point in time and the online player can see everything that would be happening within the Portomaso Casino. This UK Online Casino has made it easy for online players to view this through its user friendly screen set up. Once an online player has chosen one of the various table games available according to the betting preferences (the minimum and maximum bets they wish to place on the table) the game will automatically open. As there is no need to download the game in order to play it, the game will open up immediately. Most o the screen will be taken up by an imitation of the land based Blackjack table where online players may place their bets on one or all the designated areas where cards will be dealt. On the top right hand corner of the same screen, a small window will be broadcasting the live feed from the Blackjack table from within the Portomaso Casino. This feed will automatically zoom in and out between the whole Blackjack table and the cards being dealt so that online British players will not miss out on anything.

At the beginning of each game, an online player is allocated a specific amount of time to place bets. Once the timer runs out and whether the online player has managed to place a bet in time or not, the dealer will begin dealing the cards. Now this is where the difference in this version of Blackjack comes in. Since, as mentioned earlier, there is no limit to the total number of online players who can play the same Blackjack game, it is impossible for all these online players to communicate with the dealer. Therefore, it is up to the dealer to decide how many cards are to be dealt to each designated area following a specific set of rules and regulations. If the hands dealt total sixteen points or less, the dealer will deal another card to this hand. If the cards dealt total seventeen points or more, the dealer will stop dealing the cards on that particular hand. If the player has bet on a winning hand, then the player will win according to the odds of the game.

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