British Casino

There are very few online casinos that can call themselves a UK Online Casino, and this British Casino is one of them. This online casino is 100% dedicated to players who are residents of the United Kingdom where all British players get the opportunity to win big and take advantage of the great bonuses on offer.

What makes this online casino British is the fact that this has been established purposely for British players in mind. All its services and customer support is in the English language and all game play is made possible in the Great Britain Pound (GBP) sterling. However these are just a couple of reasons that will make this UK Online Casino the best British Casino for British players. There are plenty more reasons that online players will get to realise with the help of this section of our website. We know that there are many questions that come to online British players’ minds when choosing the right online casino for them and therefore we are here to answer those questions for you.

No matter which part of the United Kingdom you are from whether from the largest cities or the smallest towns, all you would need to have in order to access this British Online Casino is an internet access and that the player is of the legal age to be playing in an online casino. Knowing that distance may be an issue with many game lovers, the first and most valid reason to choose this online casino is that the players need not leave the comfort of their own home in order to play any of these British Casino Games. So much so, that these games may be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world, whether the player is at a friend’s house, an internet cafe or on a lunch break; the games may be accessed easily in the best user friendly way anyone would expect to find in a state of the art British Casino such as this one. Therefore let us answer some of the FAQs players will most definitely wonder about at any given time:

Is this online British Casino safe to play with?

Yes. For starters it is important for each player to know how this UK online Casino got started. All British Casino obtained its online gaming licence from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority from the republic of Malta. Malta, having been in the European Union since 2004, has the legal right to provide any online gaming company the ability to provide services and games online to any country they wish as long as the online gaming industry is permitted within the said country. Therefore this online casino chose to specifically utilise this licence in providing its British Casino Games to British players only. Therefore as it is a legal and legitimate UK online Casino, it follows the strict rules and regulations of the online gaming industry of the licence as well as it abides by the laws, rules and regulations of the United Kingdom in reference to the online gaming industry also. Therefore any information that is provided to this British Casino whether at the registration process or otherwise is stored in safe and secure servers where no outside parties can gain access to it. These servers are protected by state of the art firewalls preventing any outside access. So much so, that the staff working for this online casino have limited access to the same information and only use players’ details for reference or contact purposes only. Therefore, in conclusion, yes! This British Casino is a safe and secure UK Online Casino to play with.

What kind of variety of games may a player expect to find within this British Casino and are they fair?

There are various types of games to be found within this UK Online Casino. There are plenty of virtual games to be found in the British Casino Games section of the online casino’s website which also include the popular British Online Casino Slots and the British Online Casino Pub Slots. And then there are the games which are found within the Live British Online Casino such as the British Online Casino Roulette, British Online Casino Blackjack, and the British Online Casino Baccarat. All games are fair and just and this is how they are being provided: all virtual games are being provided by the Net Entertainment software company while all live games are provided by the land based Portomaso Casino which is located in Malta. All virtual games run on a Random Number Generation (RNG) which is a separate number generation in order to give players a fair chance in winning. The live games, in the meantime, are live table games being dealt by dealers who are employed within the land based Portomaso Casino. These dealers are constantly being checked by the casino itself and all dealers are professionally trained individuals who provide both an exciting and guaranteed fair game.

Does a player need to download any of the games available in order to play them?

No. None of the games on offer at this UK Online Casino need to be downloaded in order to be played. This means that whether a player is playing with real money or on a practice basis with virtual free money, a player is free to access his / her account from any computer in the world. Since none of these games are downloaded, then none of them are imprinted on particular computers tying these games to these computers. All games work on a streaming basis and whether you are new to the online gaming industry or not, all you would need to do in order to start playing is click your mouse on the game you choose.

Are there any bonuses an online player can gain from this UK Online Casino?

An online British player may expect to receive various bonuses at different periods of time from the minute the player registers an account. These bonuses are only valid to players who are residents of the United Kingdom and they may come in forms of free credit such as the welcome bonus, or in the case of the British Online Casino slots, free spins. All these bonuses may be given out daily, monthly or even at random and they all add to a player’s chances of winning big every day!