British Online Casino

Have you always wanted to Play in a British Online Casino but just haven’t found the right one for you? Well here is your answer. This British Casino offers all British players the opportunity to not miss out on their favourite British Casino Games while playing from the comfort of their own home. In this website we will be sharing with you all the facts related to this online casino and the reasons why this casino is in fact the one for you.

For starters it is important to point out that although there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from on the internet, there are very few which offer their services to players from the United Kingdom only. This British Casino is one of those few whose services and British Casino Games are 100% dedicated to British players only. It offers customer support in the English language and all British Casino bonuses are for the British players only; not only that but all game play is in the Great Britain Pound (GBP) sterling and therefore players need not worry about any exchange rates.

Let us begin by explaining how this British Casino came to be. All British Casino is a newly established website which obtained its online gaming licence from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority from the republic of Malta. Malta joined the European Union in 2004 and after a few years it was able to provide various online gaming companies the ability to obtain online gaming licences through its authorities. This way any company who has obtained this licence is able to provide online games to its players where online gaming is permitted. Therefore it is safe to say that this online gaming casino is legitimate and legal as All British Casino has obtained this same licence. All the British Casino Games being offered by this UK Casino are of the highest standards and provide safe and secure game play to all its British players.

All virtual British Casino Games work on a random number generation and the graphics, animation, music and the virtual games themselves have been provided by Netent. Net Entertainment is an online gaming software company which specialises in providing the best online entertainment for online players. All British Casino has been collaborating with this company in order to provide the best of the best virtual games to its players which include the infamous British Online Casino slots and British Online Casino Pub Slots. If a player however prefers to play live table games which are offered in land based casinos, a player also has the opportunity to play in the Live British Online Casino which provides games such as the British Online Casino Roulette, British Online Casino Blackjack and the British Online Casino Baccarat. All these online live games are brought to online British players thanks to the collaboration that this UK Online Casino has with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta. This way, online players will not miss out the live casino sensation when playing these games. More details on these particular games will be provided in a separate section of this website.

Something important to take note of is that this British Casino is one of the only UK Online Casino that does not require online players to download any of its games in order to be played. This means that all British Casino Games and the games found in the Live British Online Casino work on a streaming basis. This way, all a player would need to do in order to access any of the above mentioned games, is to simply access the website and click on any of the games; these games will then automatically open and the player may begin playing immediately. This system gives players the chance to play from any computer anywhere they like as none of the games are imprinted on a particular computer and no traces of the games will be left of the said computer. If a player however would simply like to try the games in question without registering an account as of that time, the player may also do so thanks to the free trial runs a player is able to attend upon entering these games. A substantial amount will be allocated to whichever game the player opens and he / she may begin playing that game immediately. This also may be done from any computer anywhere in the world before a player logs into an account. However it is important to note that although British players can access these games and their accounts from any computer in the world, they would still need to be residents of the United Kingdom in order to take advantage of the various bonuses which are on offer at this British Casino.

All accounts and personal information of any of the registered British players are stored in safe and secure servers, and these are guarded by state of the art firewalls. Therefore any information provided will be in safe hands and no outside parties may access this data. So much so, that even some of the support staff within this UK Online Casino can only partially access them for reference purposes only and nothing else. All transactions and / or game play of each and every player is logged into her / his account which enable the player to refer to them at any point in time he / she wishes. This information may not be altered and gives the player a chance to view all bets the player made through the specific game play. However, any time a player has any queries regarding any play or simply has enquiries, he / she may contact the customer support department at any time no matter the day as this service is available twenty fours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year no matter if the day is a public holiday or not. This communication may be done via email, telephone or instant live chat.